LUX® Lamination is a simple process for use with standard digital plates from MacDermid. This process can be used with all flexo lasers without modifying existing equipment. It is backwards compatible, allowing you to produce the legacy work via the standard digital platemaking process.


  • Adds flat-top dots to a standard digital plate

  • Near 1:1 mask-to-plate imaging capability

  • Adds only 4-6 minutes to current digital workflow

  • Small footprint, adjustable height

  • Available in small and large format: 38” and 62”


  • Flexible Packaging

  • Tags and Labels

  • Folding Carton

  • Sacks, Paper, Multiwall

  • Corrugated




LUX Reduces Dot Gain from Impression

  • 30-60% improvement possible compared to standard digital plates

  • Longer runs using the same plates

  • Fewer stops for press adjustment

LUX Reduces Dot Gain Caused by Plate Wear

  • Minimal change in printed dot size

  • Unique shape of LUX dot minimizes the effect of plate wear on print

LUX Enables Flexo Printers to Print a Smaller Dot

  • Less mechanical dot gain; LUX highlight dots print much smaller than standard digital plates

  • Increases in line screen possible with no investment in current print environment

  • Flexo becomes more competitive with other printing processes, reduces hard edges