Patented Clean Plate Technology

MacDermid’s patented clean plate technology improves plate cleanliness on press. The clean agent is included in most of our LUX ITP™ photopolymer plates with inherently flat-top dots plus our Digital MCP plate for round top dot applications. Clean plate technology not only reduces ink build-up in-between dots and reverses, but it also makes the plate easier to clean when cleaning is required. The result is beneficial in plate efficiency, allowing for longer run lengths without cleaning. The reduction in ink build-up allows for smoother vignettes with less tendency for ink to print that has accumulated on the sidewalls of dots providing for smoother tonal gradations and a more aesthetically pleasing print result. Clean plate technology also improves plate life by reducing the physical cleaning requirement that ultimately impacts plate integrity regardless of how the cleaning is conducted. 

Plates with Clean Plate Technology

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LUX ITP 60 Runs Clean at Andrew Kohn

MacDermid Graphics Solutions' premier flat-top dot plate, LUX ITP 60, provided superior, clean running results at Andrew Kohn. The plates were produced by Brandpack, a division of Graphic Packaging International Australia, using Esko Crystal XPS imaging technology for the latest print run of the flagship ALDI carrier bag.


The LUX ITP 60 plates, featuring MacDermid’s patented clean plate technology, ran for 850,000 lineal meters at 370 mpm without plate cleaning even after stopping the press for lunch break and shift change. The plates showed zero visible dot gain change from the first impression to the last, and the job came up to color and matched the hardcopy proof first pull. The first job at 850,000 lineal meters was stopped as the bag forming conversion line could not keep up. Brandpack Operations Manager, Dean Scales noted, “The results of the LUX ITP 60 clean plate technology led to significant production productivity increase and less press consumable usage.”


A second print run started after the bagging machine caught up and ran an additional 550,000 lineal meters at 370 mpm without having to clean the plates. The plates are still in good condition, ready for the next print run. A total of 1.4 million lineal meters have run successfully without any visible dot gain change from the first impression to the last.