Success in Newspaper printing depends on maximizing your efficiency and expanding your printing capabilities. With MacDermid’s newspaper plates & equipment you can do just that.

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Newspaper Plates & Equipment

NAPPflex Plates


The consistent performance of MacDermid’s steel backed, water washable NAPPflex plates allow you to reliably print across a variety of paper stocks; our high-resolution plates print up to 48 LPI on standard newsprint as well as super-calendered and coated stock without the use of expensive dryers.


Xeikon basysPrint UV-Setter 556 F


The Xeikon basysPrint UV-Setter 556 F is the premier CTP solution for flexo newspapers. Using innovative DSI3exposure technology, the Xeikon basysPrint UV-Setter 556 F is capable of imaging up to 130 plates per hour depending on plate size and thickness. With automatic, semi-automatic, and manual basysPrint CTP's now available, Xeikon can handle all of your flexo imaging needs.