MacDermid LTL liquid photopolymer is a 32 durometer (Shore A) resin designed to provide thick photopolymer printing plates for the corrugated market. LTL resin offers tack-free properties, excellent solids coverage and high resilience for lint-free printing. LTL is dyed red improving contrast for easy mounting and cleanup on press…saving you precious time and money.


  • Extremely low tack

  • Excellent durability with UV, heat, and humidity stability

  • Wide imaging latitude and fine detail

  • Highly resilient plate

  • Exceptional ink transfer

  • Option to cap for reduced fluting

  • Well suited for in-position platemaking

  • Highly sustainable platemaking process


  • Corrugated





LTL is used to manufacture liquid photopolymer plates for the corrugated market.


LTL is packaged in 5-gallon (40 lbs., 18 kg., net wt.) plastic containers. It is also available in totes.


Performance Specifications

Plate thickness: 0.112 - .280 in.

Background thickness: 0.070 - 0.180 in.

Relief Height: 0.032 - 0.125 in.

Tone range reproduction: 2 - 95%*

Line screen max: 100 lpi*

*when used as a capped plate


Plate Processing

Hardness (Shore A): 32

Viscosity, 25o C: 32,000 cps

Appearance: Red

Cloud point: < 32o F (0o C)

Freezing Point: < 32o F (0o C)

Temp to Thaw: 68o F (20o C)

Substrate Type: M Strate, M Strate AB

Washout Chemistry: M Clean Detergent



  • North America
  • South America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
For M-System products available in your region please contact your Macdermid representative.