MacDermid M Cap 45 liquid photopolymer is a 45 durometer (Shore A) cap resin designed primarily for corrugated printing applications. It is used in conjunction with a softer base resin to produce capped printing plates for high-quality and process color printing. M CAP 45 has a modified photospeed that keeps reverses more open from negative to plate, broadening overall tonal range capability. Its low durometer and high resilience improves ink transfer, allowing for a unique combination of reduced fluting and excellent solids coverage.


  • Improved tonal range, deeper reverses

  • Reduction in dot gain and fluting while maintaining solid ink density


  • Corrugated





M Cap 45 is designed for use with MacDermid LTL and LTS liquid photopolymer.


MacDermid M Cap 45 is packaged in 5 gallon (40 lbs., 18 kg., net wt.) containers.


Performance Specifications

Cap thickness: 0.004 - 0.007 in.

Tone range reproduction: 2 - 95%

Line screen max: 120 lpi


Physical Properties

Hardness (Shore A): 45

Appearance: Clear

Cloud Point: 41o F (5o C)

Freezing Point: < 32o F (0o C)

Temp to Thaw: 68o F (20o C)

Washout Chemistry: M Clean Detergent