MacDermid's M Cap 45 and FC 55 HR-R cap resins are used in combination with most MacDermid liquid photopolymer base resins to increase the overall tone range and print capability of a printing plate. Capping technology involves the casting of a very thin layer of harder cap resin over a softer base resin. The imaging characteristics of the cap resin create a print surface in the final plate with near vertical side walls that minimizes dot gain. Under impression, the harder cap resin recedes into the softer base rather than distorting, leaving a clean, sharp image.

Specific benefits to using a cap with liquid photopolymer:

  • Non-distorting print surface; highlight dots stay sharp under impression to minimize dot gain

  • Dramatic reduction in fluting in corrugated print applications

  • Wider impression latitude

  • Reduction in plate wear

  • Improved tone range reproduction: 1-95%, 175 lpi with HIT base photopolymer.

  • Deeper reverses, crisper text and sharper fine lines

  • Ability to combine solid and halftone copy in a single plate

M Cap 45

MacDermid M Cap 45 liquid photopolymer is a 45 durometer (Shore A) cap resin designed primarily for corrugated printing applications.

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MacDermid FC 55HR-R liquid photopolymer is a 55 durometer (Shore A) cap resin. It is used in conjunction with either a softer or harder base resin to produce capped printing plates for high quality and process color printing.

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