LUX ITP 60-web-01.pngLUX ITP 60, the premier LUX ITP plate, a hard durometer photopolymer plate for flexographic printing formulated with award-winning technology from MacDermid. LUX ITP features the convenience of flat-top dots right out of the box. No additional platemaking steps or equipment are needed to take advantage of the print quality and consistency that LUX flat-top dots provide, with the added convenience of our unique flat-top dots already in-the-plate. LUX ITP 60 is a durable and extremely low tack plate, which is perfectly suited for long and clean running print jobs. It has been designed to be processed in either solvent or LAVA® thermal systems.


  • Flat-top dots while using standard platemaking techniques

  • Near 1:1 mask-to-plate imaging capability

  • Low dot gain

  • Exceptional consistency in printing

  • Outstanding durability and drape

  • Extremely low tack

  • Patented clean plate technology

  • UV LED compatible

  • Solvent or thermal processing


  • Flexible packaging

  • Tags and labels

  • Folding carton

  • Sacks, paper, multiwall


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LUX ITPTM is THE first to market inherently flat-top dot technology for flexographic photopolymer plates.

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LUX ITP 60 is a digital sheet photopolymer for use in labels, folding carton, multiwall bag, preprinted liner, flexible packaging and other flexo markets that require a high durometer plate.


LUX ITP 60 is available in thicknesses of 0.045 in (1.14 mm) - 0.107 in (2.72 mm) and in sizes up to 52 in x 80 in (1,320 mm x 2,032 mm). Please contact your MacDermid representative for details.



LUX ITP 60 can be processed in either solvent or LAVA® thermal processing systems. For solvent processing, SOLVIT® M100, SOLVIT LO, or SOLVIT QD is recommended. Most other safe-solvent solutions may be used.