LUX ITP EPIC-web-01.pngLUX ITPTM EPIC is a photopolymer printing plate with a unique micro-rough surface for excellent ink transfer for challenging flexo printing applications or unique ink requirements. The innovative cap layer, specifically developed for the LUX ITP chemistry, ensures that the plate provides the best tonal range possible. LUX ITP EPIC offers near 1:1 mask-to-plate imaging capability, thus minimizing the need for a bump curve. By reducing the bump curve, printers can expand the available color gamut and print a smaller dot creating vivid images. LUX ITP EPIC is a durable and extremely low tack plate, which is perfectly suited for long and clean running print jobs.


  • Flat-top dots directly in the plate

  • Excellent ink transfer

  • Patented clean plate technology

  • Near 1:1 mask-to-plate reproduction

  • A balanced plate surface for low image gain and exceptional solids coverage

  • Eliminates the need for surface screening

  • Low dot gain

  • Outstanding durability and drape

  • Extremely low tack

  • UV LED compatible

  • Solvent or thermal processing


  • Flexible packaging

  • Tags and labels

  • Folding carton

  • Sacks, paper, multiwall


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LUX ITPTM is THE first to market inherently flat-top dot technology for flexographic photopolymer plates.

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LUX ITP EPIC is a digital sheet photopolymer for use in flexible packaging, labels, folding carton, multiwall bag, preprinted liner, and other flexo markets that require a high durometer plate.


LUX ITP EPIC is available in thicknesses of 0.045 in (1.14 mm) - 0.112 in (2.84 mm) and in sizes up to 50 in x 80 in (1,270 mm x 2,032 mm). Please contact your MacDermid representative for details.


LUX ITP EPIC can be processed in either solvent or LAVA® thermal processing systems. For solvent processing, SOLVIT® M100 or SOLVIT QD is recommended. Most other safe-solvent solutions may be used.