EPIC®, a capped photopolymer plate, designed to meet the special needs of high resolution process color printing. The patented cap technology on all EPIC plates allows printers to achieve high solid ink densities and print fine details at the same time. EPIC's exceptional exposure latitude also makes platemaking easy and eliminates the need for masking. These plates are well-suited for high quality printing on labels, film, preprint liner, and lined corrugated when litho quality graphics are required. It is also fully compatible with solvent-based, UV, and water-based inks.


  • Exceptional exposure latitude requiring no masking

  • Excellent ink transfer ensuring smoother solids with no pinholes

  • High wear resistance for longer runs

  • Clean printing with fewer stops for plate clean up

  • Fast and accurate mounting


  • Flexible Packaging

  • Tags and Labels

  • Folding Carton

  • Sacks, Paper, Multiwall




EPIC is recommended for high quality printing on film and preprint liner, particularly for process color. EPIC can also be used successfully in other applications such as high-quality labels and folding cartons.


EPIC is available in thicknesses of 0.030 in (0.76 mm) - 0.112 in (2.84 mm) in plate sizes up to 50 in x 80 in (1,270 mm x 2,032 mm). Please contact your MacDermid representative for details.


It is recommended that EPIC be processed with SOLVIT® M100, SOLVIT LO, or SOLVIT QD. Most other safe-solvent solutions may be used.