The LAVA NW-M plate processing system's small footprint reduces platemaking space and can create press-ready plates in less than an hour, instantly improving productivity and workflow. LAVA thermal processing eliminates the need for solvents and makes in-house platemaking a viable option for themid-web market.

lava nw-m


  • Press-ready plates in less than an hour including imaging and exposing steps

  • No drying time, solvent free (no VOC’s) platemaking process

  • Small footprint and ergonomically designed

  • Easy operation with integral touch screen control and intuitive software

  • Removable panels for easy maintenance and blotter roll replacement

  • Process plate sizes from 25 in x 30 in (635 mm x 762 mm) up to 36 in x 48 in (914 mm x 1,219 mm)


  • Flexible Packaging

  • Tags and Labels

  • Folding Carton

  • Sacks, Paper, Multiwall





The LAVA NW-M can process plates from 25 in x 30 in (635 mm x 762 mm) up to 36 in x 48 in (914 mm x 1,219 mm).


Blotting material is used to wick away the melted, unexposed polymer. The blotter material for the LAVA NW-M is available in two widths: 27 inches (686 mm) and 37 inches (940 mm). Both widths are supplied rolls of 360 yards (329 m) long.


A flexible 4 inch (102 mm) diameter, 11 ft (3.4 m) long exhaust line is provided to connect with your factory exhaust system. External exhaust blower matching exhaust of machine supplied by others.