LAVA® 5080

The LAVA 5080 is the ideal thermal processing system for wide-web applications. This system can process MacDermid’s high quality plates up to size 50 in x 80 in (1,270 mm x 2,032 mm) resulting in press-ready plates in less than an hour. The advanced design of the LAVA system incorporates an internal filter system, vapor management system, durable sub-frame, an automated lift lid, ultra-modern motors, and LED illumination.


  • Improved productivity and workflow; press-ready plates in less than an hour

  • Elimination of solvents (VOCs) from the platemaking process

  • Smaller equipment footprint than solvent systems

  • Vapor management system

  • Upgraded touch screen and software

  • Durable and rigid sub-frame for consistent processing month to month, year to year

  • Process plate sizes up to 50 in x 80 in (1,270 mm x 2,032 mm)


  • Flexible Packaging

  • Tags and Labels

  • Folding Carton

  • Sacks, Paper, Multiwall




The LAVA 5080 can process plates up to 50 in x 80 in (1,270 mm x 2,032 mm).


Blotting material is used to wick away the melted, unexposed polymer. The blotter material for the LAVA 5080 is available in rolls up to 54 in (1371.6 mm) wide and 360 yards (329.18 m) long.


A flexible 4 inch (102 mm) diameter, 11 ft (3.4 m) long exhaust line is provided to connect with your factory exhaust system. External exhaust blower matching exhaust of machine supplied by others