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We Are Your Missing Piece

MacDermid Graphics Solutions is a world leader in the manufacture and marketing of photopolymer plates for the flexographic printing market...but we are so much more. We support our customers from concept to shelves with unparalleled support, equipment, and innovation. Turn to MacDermid Graphics Solutions for the missing piece in your platemaking workflow.




MacDermid and Fotograbados Lynch

MacDermid's Tom Caplinger and Fotograbados Lynch's Diego Zarlenga speak about the partnership of both companies and the goal to serve the Argentinian Flexo market.

Why Catapult Chose MacDermid

Our photopolymer plate technology and strategic partnerships guarantee the quality print you want, delivered when you need it. Watch Catapult explain why they chose MacDermid as their partner.

LUX ITP Portfolio: Flat-Top Dots In The Plate

This video highlights our LUX innovations photopolymer plates for flexographic printing. You will learn the features & benefits of flat-top dots, AND the value LUX ITP plate offerings deliver to specific market segments.

Another EPIC® Innovation from MacDermid Graphics Solutions

With LUX In-the-Plate (ITP) EPIC, MacDermid expands its flat-top dot portfolio with a capped plate. ITP EPIC enhances your print quality and print consistency with its unique micro-rough surface. When you’re looking to elevate your print to the next level, count on MacDermid - the flat-top dot technology leader.

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Avoid the Crush with LUX® In-The-Plate MELO

LUX ITP MELO’s minimal board crush is critical to maintaining box stability and protecting the integrity of the product in a corrugated box. Watch how this super soft plate with its inherent flat-top dot technology can help elevate your corrugated post print game.


Ease the Pressure with LUX® In-The-Plate MELO

LUX ITP MELO utilizes an optimized dot profile that dramatically reduces fluting without the use of additional platemaking techniques or exposure systems. Watch how this super soft plate with its inherent flat-top dot technology can help elevate your corrugated post print game.