MacDermid Graphics Solutions is a global innovator of flexographic photopolymer printing plates. In order to share our latest product and application innovations with our customers we participate in a variety of international trade shows and local industry events throughout the world.

Event Location Dates Learn More
2019 TAGA Conference
Minneapolis, MN USA
March 17-19
FPPA Annual Conference
Scottsdale, AZ USA
March 24-26
EFIA UK Industry Awards
Birmingham, UK
March 28
FTA We Have The Cure Event
Dallas, TX USA
March 28
Sweflex Spring Seminar
Sunne, Sweden
April 4
FTA Forum & INFOFLEX 2019
New Orleans, LA USA
May 5-8
APR Advanced Printing Seminar
June 5
Moscow, Russia
June 18-21
ESKO World Partner Zone
Nashville, TN USA
June 24-26
Harper Regional Workshop
Atlanta, GA USA
August 8
ABFLEXO Intl. Technical Symposium
Sao Paulo, Brazil
September 4-5
TLMI printTHINK Summit
Rosemont, IL USA
September 11-13
LabelExpo Europe
Brussels, Belgium
September 2-27
FPPA Technical Conference
Clemson, SC USA
October 17-18
PSSMA Annual Meeting
Phoenix, AZ USA
October 27-30
TLMI Annual Meeting
Carlsbad, CA USA
October 27-30
FTA Fall Conference
Charlotte, NC USA
October 28-30
Harper Regional Workshop
Akron, OH USA
November 13