Publication & Coating Plates

MacDermid Graphics Solutions is the leading supplier of letterpress and flexo plates to the newspaper industry. With the recent introduction of the Accent coating plate, MacDermid now offers a range of plates and equipment for your spot varnish coating needs.

Coating Plates

Accent Plates

MacDermid introduces its new Accent coating plate. You can image and process Accent coating plates yourself, giving you more control of your workflow and printing schedule. This new coating plate can be imaged on a UV CTP and processed in water. And it’s compatible with most UV and aqueous varnishes. German brochure available here.

DLF Dryer

Introducing the new DLF 912-90 Dryer/Post-Cure Unit to complete the processing of Accent coating plates. After washing in water, MacDermid Accent coating plates are dried and post-cured quickly in the four-drawer dryer. German brochure available here.

Manual Washout Booth

MacDermid introduces its new low cost Manual Washout Booth for processing MacDermid Accent coating plates. This simple spray booth unit uses high pressure water to wash out Accent coating plates with metal substrates. Spray nozzle pattern and pressure can e easily changes, and the trigger control on the spray wand minimizes water consumption. German brochure available here.

VPW Automatic Washout

Introducing the new automatic washout unit to start the simple development of the Accent coating plate. The VPW-1320 uses patented high pressure water spray technology. Simple controls enable fast operator training and its in-line design makes for easy plate handling. The VPW-1320 can be used with metal or polyester substrates. German brochure available here.

Newspaper Plates

MacDermid NAPPflex Plates

Now more than ever, we understand your need to maximize press time and expand your printing capabilities. The new MacDermid NAPPflex Plates allow you to do just that.  Our high resolution plates print up to 48 lpc on standard newsprint as well as super-calendered and coated stock without the use of expensive dryers.  These plates allow you to offer a wider range of products with no additional investment in the plateroom or pressroom.

Xeikon basysPrint UV-Setter 556 F

The Xeikon basysPrint UV-Setter 556 F is the premier CTP solution for flexo newspapers. Using innovative DSI3 exposure technology, the Xeikon basysPrint UV-Setter 556 F is capable of imaging up to 130 plates per hour depending on plate size and thickness. With automatic, semi-automatic, and manual basysPrint CTP's now available, Xeikon can handle all of your flexo imaging needs.

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