Digital Sheet

Digital Plates

Take advantage of the improved workflow and quality available with digital flexo plate technology using MacDermid Graphics Solutions line of digital sheet products. For more information on how to select the right digital plate for your particular application, please see the Digital Plate Selection Guide.

Digital MAF 




MacDermid’s Digital MAF is the digital sheet photopolymer specifically designed to address all direct print corrugated board requirements. Digital MAF has a dot profile that is optimized for post print corrugated, resulting in dramatically reduced fluting without the use of additional platemaking techniques or exposure systems. Digital MAF simply prints better; right out of the box.

Digital MWW


MacDermid's Digital MWW is designed for optimized white ink laydown, providing higher opacity, reduced mottle, and improved overprint performance. Digital MWW's formulation can be combined with the MacDermid LUX process and specific advanced prepress screening techniques to provide a true step change in white ink laydown.




LUX In-the-Plate (ITP) 60 is a game changing technology exclusively from MacDermid that provides all of the benefits of LUX flat-top dots, but with the convenience of receiving them already in the plate. No additional platemaking steps or equipment are needed to take advantage of the print quality and consistency of LUX flat-top dots. The first available plate product is LUX ITP 60. ITP 60 is a 60 durometer plate well suited for the flexible packaging; folding carton; tag & label; and sacks, paper, and multiwall segments.




MacDermid's new UV ink resistant plate, UVR, is designed to swell less than other commercial plates in aggressive UV inks. By their very nature, UV inks can affect flexographics plate material more than solvent- or water-borne inks. UVR plates tend to swell less under these conditions, providing a longer plate lifetime and more consistent print. 

Digital MCH


 Digital MCH.jpg

MacDermid expands its capped plate offering with Digital MCH, a new 60 durometer, hard capped plate for those printers seeking the best of high-end, full-color process printing. Digital MCH offers a unique micro-rough surface for excellent ink transfer, creating fine imaging detail. The innovative cap layer ensures that the plate provides the best tonal range possible. And because it is wear resistant, you are guaranteed long durability on press.

Digital MVP



Digital MVP is the digital version of (analog) MVP. It delivers all of the benefits of MVP, plus the fine resolution and imaging capability expected from a digital photopolymer plate. Digital MVP gives you a choice when it comes to processing – it can be processed in solvent systems or thermally in MacDermid's LAVA processor. Digital MVP plates work well with a variety of substrates and inks.

Digital RAVE



Digital RAVE plates are the harder, digitally imaged photopolymer plates with a high durometer that reduces dot gain in screens and minimizes banding due to press bounce. The latest generation digital plates using advanced direct-to-plate technology, and developed using MacDermid's solvent processing system, our Digital RAVE plates' laser ablative mask improves dot shape and extends image latitude, while also eliminating sources for dust and light diffusion, resulting in increased plate quality and consistency.

Digital MAX 


 Digital MAXb.jpg

MacDermid's Digital MAX is the newest digital sheet photopolymer from MacDermid designed to give you the MAXimum choice, including the capability to be processed either in solvent or thermally using MacDermid's LAVA processor. Digital MAX is the digital version of (analog) MAX, offering all the benefits of MAX, plus the fine resolution and detail expected from a digital plate. This hard plate durometer, 60 Shore A, provides excellent drape and has low dot gain




LUX ITP™ M is part of the award winning LUX flat-top dot technology from MacDermid that provides all the benefits of LUX Lamination, but with the convenience of flat-top dots right out of the box. LUX ITP M is a medium durometer plate specifically designed for paper stocks, preprinted liner board and other applications where a combination of high durability and excellent ink laydown are required.


 Digital Coating Plates


Digital MAX C




Digital MAX C was designed for optimum ink transfer with a wide variety of specialty inks, varnishes, and coatings used in the flexographic market. Digital MAX C can also be combined with MacDermid's LUX® process, along with advanced prepress screening techniques, to give a true step change in coating, ink, or varnish coverage. The thicker PET backing allows use in coating stations with good registration.