Technical Tips

Our technical tips are designed to help you get the most out of your MacDermid printing materials and are vetted by our most experienced field agents.

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Sheet Tech Tips

    1. Efficient Plate Production
    2. Pin-Hole Free Plates
    3. Artwork, Negative Preparation
    4. Determining Optimum Exposure Times
    5. Controlling Photopolymer Washout
    6. Using the Hand Held Refractometer
    7. Photopolymer Plate Finishing
    8. Controlling Photopolymer Plate Gauge
    9. Production Control Techniques
    10. Flexo Plate Mounting Techniques
    11. Troubleshooting
    12. Cleaning Photopolymer Plates
    13. Storage of Materials
    14. Flexo Plate/Ink Compatibility
    15. Physical Properties
    16. Measuring Ink Density
    17. Measuring Ink Viscosity
    18. Consistent Color Reproduction
    19. Troubleshooting Ink Problems
    20. Digital Production
    21. LPR Developing Rolls for LAVA
    22. Using Membrane 200
    23. LAVA Filter Media Disposal
    24. LAVA Blotter Disposal
    25. LUX Membrane Lamination Speeds
    26. Glossary of Terms


Liquid Tech Tips

    1. M Strate
    2. M Strate AB
    3. Cover Films
    4. Liquid Photopolymer Plate Storage
    5. Silver Film Materials Specifications
    6. M Jet Film Materials Specifications
    7. Platemaking Negative Exposure – Control Guides
    8. Exposure Unit Glass Cleaning
    9. Resin Reclaim Guidelines
    10. Partial Plate Procedures for Manifold Units
    11. Partial Plate Procedures for Bucket Units
    12. Distortion Correction Factors for Proper Negative Preparation
    13. Plate Premakeready Technique
    14. Platemaking Room Specifications
    15. Manufacture of Impression Control Gauges for Thick Plates
    16. Solvent Compatibility Guide
    17. Plate Masking
    18. Plate Masking: Fine Detail or Screens
    19. Recommended Post-Exposure Conditions for Tack-Free Printing Plates
    20. Effects of Environmental Conditions on Polyester Substrates
    21. M Clean Washout Formulation (For Metric Version Click Here)
    22. Light Finishing of Liquid Photopolymer Printing Plates
    23. Washout Operation with Feed and Bleed Option
    24. Lamp Output Specifications for 4460, 4080, 5280, & 52110
    25. Minimizing Liquid Resin Tote Waste
    26. Liquid Resin Tote Setup and Dispensing
    27. Optimizing Reclaim Efficiency
    28. Handling Frozen M Clean Materials