Customer Support Teams

“We are dedicated to fulfill and exceed our customers’ expectations to the best of our ability through superior service and teamwork. Our customer is always first”

 - MacDermid Graphics Solutions Customer Service Mission Statement

Customer Service


Nancy Barto
404.699.3345 l  Cell: 404.723.8600 
Having worked at MacDermid since 2001, Nancy has held many roles at MacDermid and is currently the Atlanta Office Manager. Nancy has received the Clan Award of Excellence at MacDermid and is a Six Sigma Green Belt. She currently resides in Villa Rica, Georgia. 
Jannette Cunningham White
404.699.3307 l Cell: 404.512.2244
Jannette has been with MacDermid for over 30 years. Her experience with many different positions at the company has made her well-suited for her current role as Packaging Customer Service Manager. Jannette resides in Douglasville, Georgia
Shinoca Harris
Shinoca joined Macdermid in 2009.  She has over 20 years of Customer Service experience. With each customer she comes in contact with, she gives them her pleasant demeanor and can-do attitude, which has proven to be an asset to Macdermid’s Customer Service.  Shinoca is a native of Atlanta, Georgia.  She currently resides in Douglasville, GA with her husband and daughter.
Anne Essex
404.699.3344  l Cell: 404.780.3238
Inventory Management Specialist since 2013 with particular emphasis on the Morristown Plate business and processes.  Anne resides in Marietta, GA
Milagros Rojas
Milagros Rojas, joined MacDermid in June 2013 and enjoys working as a Customer Service Representative for Latin America Customers. She is originally  from Peru,   whereas her first language is Spanish.  Milagros  currently resides  in Temple, Georgia  with her husband and daughter.
Nicola Taylor
Nicola Taylor is currently the Customer Service Representative for France, Canada and the West Coast. She joined MacDermid Graphics Solutions in August of 2013, she is fluent in both English and Spanish. In her time here at MacDermid she has learned a lot about the printing world and is eager to learn more, so that she can be an asset to both her customers and the company. She currently resides in Winston, GA with her children
Tracy Patterson
Tracy Patterson has been committed to our customer service team for eight dedicated years. She supports our northeastern region customers and salesman and our MPS Australia division. In her spare time Tracy enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She resides with her husband and son in Austell, Georgia.

Technical Service


Leslie Roque
Leslie joined MacDermid in 2005 as a Customer Service Representative, now she is working as a Field Service Coordinator, providing support to our customers, sales force and our Technical Support group. Originally hailing from Puerto Rico, Leslie is fluent in both Spanish and English. Leslie currently resides in Villa Rica, Georgia.

Buddy Duke
Buddy joined MacDermid in 1999 as a Technical Service Representative. Buddy’s problem solving abilities has led him to provide valued service for over 15 years. Originally from Carol County, GA, Buddy lives with his wife and two dogs.


Harold Blair
Harold has 22 Years of Flexo Plate experience. He currently handles all Solvent & Thermal Plate request for Sales Support along with troubleshooting Print & Plate sample issues. Lives in Dallas, GA with his lovely Wife of 30 Years Donna along with their two Kids Megan & Joshua.


Equipment & Parts Specialists


Jeff Hatmaker
Jeff is currently the Facility/Maintenance Manager and has been employed at MacDermid for over 25 years. His current responsibilities include facility management, managing equipment parts inventory, plate equipment rework program, and maintenance of the labs and facility.


Willie Henderson
Willie is currently a maintenance technician and has been employed at MacDermid for over eight years. His current responsibilities include facility maintenance, implementation of the equipment rework program, and the maintenance of the facility and lab equipment.


Brandon Cade
Brandon has worked for MacDermid for 5 years as the shipping and receiving lead. He is constantly involved in helping customers through identification of equipment parts and equipment management.  Brandon currently reside in Covington, GA along with his wife and three children.


Amanda Nevarez
Amanda joined MacDermid in 2013. She works with all regions in her role as Equipment Operations Manager and enjoys collaborating with the equipment team to assist customers domestically and internationally. Amanda is a Colorado native and now resides in Atlanta, Georgia.